Wooden - 3D Fairy Door Kit

Let the fairies into your home with this lovely 3D wooden fairy door kit. These are supplied in their raw / bare wooden state which you can paint, decorate or embellish how you like. Once decorated simply place the 3D fairy door against a wall in your room to let all the fairies in, opening up a new magical world.

Our kits are easy to assemble and are supplied in a flat pack form (base, door & accessories) and will require assembling. This is very simple to do due to the tab designs we use on all of our accessories allowing most pieces to simply slot into the base. However certain parts will require gluing to hold them in place for example the window frame, door frame and the door mat. Please take care when assembling this kit, as some of the parts are delicate.


(Please note, due to the laser cutting process there may be some discoloration around the edges of the item. This discoloration can easily be decorated over or sanded using a fine sand paper.)


Pack Contents

Each pack will contain one unpainted / unfinished 3D fairy door kit, ready for you to assemble and decorate.

Each kit will contain the following items:

  • 1 x base

  • 1 x door

  • 1 x door frame

  • 1 x door mat

  • 1 x window frame

  • 2 x fence (left and right)

  • 1 x watering can

  • 2 x flowers

  • 2 x toadstools

  • 6 x grass tuft's (1 x large, 5 x small)



  • Size (WHD): 180x92x35mm

(all sizes are approximate)



3mm Medite MDF (FSC certified)

Wooden - 3D Fairy Door Kit

SKU: A00152