Square Wedding Cake Stand - Personalised / Plain

Designed and made by us, is this stunning personalised cake stand. This cake stand is the perfect way to  display your centerpiece on your special day, whether that is a wedding cake, cupcake display or what ever takes your fancy. This cake stand can be supplied plain, or personalised with your surname for that added "WOW" factor and personal touch.


Each cake stand will be supplied in its raw / bare wooden state and will come as a flat pack item that will need assembling. Every piece of the cake stand simply slots into place to form a very sturdy stand, for a more secure finish we do advise a small amount of wood glue is used on the joints during its assembly. When painting this item we do highly advise that its painted after the stand has been assembled as the additional paint may cause the slots to become too tight.



For personalisations please add the surname you wish to be engraved by filling in the text field upon purchasing, please note that longer surnames may need to be scaled down in order for it to fit onto the side panels. Shorter surnames will be scaled to match the height of the "Title Panel e.g. Mr & Mrs". Please double check all spelling when supplying your personalision details as we copy the exact text when machining the cake stand.



- One personalised / plain cake stand.



- 300mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 124mm (H)

- 400mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 124mm (H)

- 500mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 124mm (H)



- Made from 12mm MDF for a strong sturdy product.

Square Wedding Cake Stand - Personalised / Plain