Hexagon - Square / Rounded Edge 6, 12, 18mm MDF (100mm - 600mm)

These hexagons are perfect for arts and crafts projects and can be used as decorations. They are very versatile and can be decorated with a wide range of products such as inks, paints, glitters and resin. Each hexagon has been CNC routed for high precision accuracy, then sanded to a smooth finish and will be supplied in its raw / bare wooden state.


We offer these with either a square edge or a rounded top edge. The rounded top edge is added by hand using a hand router, after the hexagons has been CNC machined (please note that the rounded edge is only available for shapes made from 12mm or 18mm MDF as the 6mm MDF is too thin).


Sizes / dimensions available (WxH)

100mm - 100x86mm

150mm - 150x129mm

200mm - 200x173mm

300mm - 300x259mm

400mm - 400x346mm

500mm - 500x433mm

600mm - 600x519mm



Made from: 6mm, 12mm or 18mm MDF depending on the material option selected above.


Hexagon - Square / Rounded Edge 6, 12, 18mm MDF (100mm - 600mm)