Freestanding Pawprints 18mm MDF (100mm - 200mm or set of 3)

These pawprints are perfect for any animal themed arts & crafts and can be used for any project as a plaque or a basic shape. Being made from MDF, these shapes are very versatile and can be decorated with a wide range of products such as inks, paints and glitter, allowing you to fully customise them in any way imaginable. Each pawprint has been CNC routed for high precision accuracy and then hand finished with sand paper to leave a nice and smooth finish. These are supplied in their raw / bare wooden state ready for you to decorate.


When purchasing from this listing, you will receive one pawprint in the size that you select from the drop down menu above, unless you select a set of three where instead you will receive one 100mm, one 150mm and one 200mm pawprint.

The sizes available on this listing are as follows (W H D):
100mm variant = 100mm x 94mm x 18mm
150mm variant = 150mm x 141mm x 18mm
200mm variant = 200mm x 188mm x 18mm
Set of 3, will contain one of each size.

If you require a custom sized shape, please contact us with your request and we will get back to you ASAP.

Freestanding Pawprints 18mm MDF (100mm - 200mm or set of 3)