31x17cm Thank You NHS Rainbow Plaque XL (S1)

Designed and made by us are these beautiful 'Thank You NHS' rainbow plaques which are perfect for any home or arts and craft project. They are supplied in their raw / bare wooden state which you can paint, decorate or embellish how you like. Once decorated simply hang it in your home, office or workplace for all to see.



Each packet will contain unpainted / unfinished 'Thank You NHS' rainbow plaques in the quantities you select from the drop down menu above.



Each 'Thank You NHS' rainbow wall plaque approximately measures: 310x170x3mm (WHD)



Made from: 3mm Medite MDF (FSC certified)


(Please note, due to the laser cutting process there may be some discoloration around the edges of the item. This discoloration can easily be decorated over or sanded using a fine sand paper.)

31x17cm Thank You NHS Rainbow Plaque XL (S1)