20mm Square - 5x2 - Movement Trays

These 5x2 - 20mm square movement trays are a perfect addition for any table top war game, as they allow you to move figures quickly around the battle-zone. Each of these trays has been designed to hold a small squad of ten figures, mounted on 20mm square bases.


Pack Contents

This item will contain either one or three 5x2 movement trays for figures mounted on 20mm square bases, depending on the quantity selected from the drop down menu above. These will be supplied in their raw, unpainted / unfinished wooden state.


Each movement tray will be supplied in two parts (top and base) which will require assembling. This is very easy and simple to do using PVA or superglue.


Made from: 3mm Medite MDF (FSC certified)


(Please note, due to the laser cutting process there may be some discoloration around the edges of the item. This discoloration can easily be decorated over or sanded using a fine sand paper.)

20mm Square - 5x2 - Movement Trays